Connecting Your laywer

...from around the world

Unique Features Of Our App

Single Most App

One and only mobile application in Singapore providing access to a large pool of lawyers from Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Search & Send Request

The app will produce a list of lawyers based on keywords from the lawyer’s input when lawyer signs up to be listed on the app.


To make it easier for people trying to cope with turmoil like personal injury / divorce.

Find Your Lawyer

Potential clients that need a lawyer need not look elsewhere. All they need to do is to download the App, and choose a lawyer.

Bridges The Gap

Mobile App to match clients with lawyers for legal assistance – to bridge the gap between clients and the legal community.

Easy For Lawyers

This app is a great tool for Lawyers who have no websites and for those that do, do not have time to manage their websites.

What They Say

"This app is really very helpful to find & hire lawyers. It was never so easy!"
Leena Ong
"As a lawyer, I always had difficulty to get new clients. This app has simply made my job much easier. "
Ben Lee

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